Brut - Rosé

Composed of a delicate wine for a flattering look to the dress, it retains the finesse of a great champagne with aromas of red fruits. It brings sophistication to your meals and aligns closely with all your dishes.

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70% Pinot Black
Chardonnay 30%

75cl bottle

Eye: Dress flatteuseet sustained raspberry pink, delicate bubbles forming a thin cord.
Nose: Expressive and open evokes red fruit accents of strawberry and a hint of rose aroma.
Palate: Round and restoring large red fruit nose is pointing avecu cinnamon Attack.

Evolution is more lively and bouncy, all is balanced.


  • Issu des vignes les plus recherchés de Champagne


  • Récolte manuelle à maturité optimale. Tri sévère des raisins. Pressoir qualitatif champenois 8000kg.


  • FA et FML en cuves inox thermorégulées. Vieillissement moyen en cave de cinq années.

    Brut Rosé